It’s here!  The long awaited inaugural Bathroom Primp and Pamper Blog Hop day has arrived. You may have noticed that I have two bathrooms in this challenge.  Twice the work equals twice the reward (or is it pain? I can’t ever seem to get this expression right)?????  This blog hop idea spawned a couple of months ago when I realized that I could either redo these two bathrooms on my own Orrrrr…. I could collaborate with talented bloggers who I follow and admire on Instagram.  Join us as we post our updates each Tuesday in March with the BIG REVEAL on the 27th!!!


Bathroom 1:

The Current & Sad Reality


Officially dubbed “Bathroom Number One” (with no potty humor intented), this room is located upstairs and consists of a toilet, sink, tub, pretty blue Moroccan tile, and open shelving.  Check out how I plan to remake this currently simple bathroom into a rich, soulful, well traveled restroom.



The Vision

To Do List:

1. Sew Velvet Curtains

2. Hang Lavender Wallpaper

3. Organize and beautiful Open Shelving

4. Mat Art and Hang Pictures

5. Procure Rug

6. Hang Sconces

7. Take a Nap at the end ?!



I personally want to take a moment to thank our generous sponsors for this blog hop event.  I would encourage you to take the time to check out their quality products.



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Ok, now head on over to my second bathroom.  It is surprisingly different than bathroom Number 1.  I am excited to hear which you like better!

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