YASSSSS!!!! Today is THE DAY! It’s Big Reveal time for the Bathroom Primp and Pamper Blog Hop. Thanks for joining me from my other bathroom… you know, the purple one.  Thanks to a field of talented bloggers and some fabulous sponsors, you are certain to be inspired to go tackle that bathroom that needs a little extra love.

Ever since my photographer (Amy Greene IG Handle: @contactamygphotography) sent me the results of our photo shoot of this HOT PINK bathroom I have been dying to share them with you. Seriously folks! This rarely used guest bathroom may now be one of my favorite rooms in my house…

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A Little About Me

We are a military family of 6 and only have until the end of June to finish our time in this 10 month, New England rental. Yes, this may only be our  home for this school year, but I have a goal of finishing it before we make our 13th move ? this summer!!! Come on, you know you want to follow us on this crazy adventure ?.

As of today I have seven rooms down and one to go in this home. Check out how I transformed this boring bathroom into a dramatic and character-filled space.

Bathroom Talk

This three piece suite is rarely used. In fact, I think my mom may have been the only one to ever shower in it over the course of our 8 months here.


My favorite thing about the space is the blue penny tile that runs across the entire floor and shower.  While not pictured here, there is also a small alcove that is just large enough to fit a piece of furniture.

Some of the cons, however, include a low wonky ceiling and very little natural light.

The Plan

I feel somewhat liberated by the fact that we only have a few months left in this rental.  I knew that even if worse came to worst and I hated one of my design plans I could simply rip it down and try something new in the next house. While that certianly didn’t happen, it was this mentality that empowered me to GO BOLD in this room.



I don’t know if it is the embossed snake skin or the bold pink hues (with strong purple undertones) that attracted me to this Primal Wallpaper from Wallpaper Boulevard, but one glance at the sample and I was in love.  Plus, it comes right down with water. It’s a short term rental, let’s get wild and crazy and take some risks!

Shower Curtains

I have long dreamed of velvet shower curtains. It just feels so fancy, and who doesn’t like to feel a little fancy once in a while? I picked up a pair of Ikea curtains and sewed some pink velvet trim I purchased at a thrift store for a couple of bucks. Truthfully the velvet is more for decoration than anything and I would recommend an additional lighter-weight shower curtain to attach to your liner.

I sewed on some pom pom fringe that I picked up on sale at a local craft store.


Isn’t this rug pretty?  It’s the Chroma Iris Fading Medallion Rug from Rugs USA, and I love how it ties the room together.

An added bonus? It has already proven to be be fabulous at hiding dirt.  With four kiddos running around this is a much appreciated attribute!

Wardrobe Make Over

I picked up this wardrobe while we were stationed in England many years ago.  It had an ugly varnish and I wanted it to go in a little girl’s room, so I painted it white…but I didn’t paint it very carefully. UGH!



While it was about as much fun as poking out my own eye balls, I spent an exorbitant amount of time over the last couple of weeks stripping the paint and varnish off the front of this piece.  Was it worth it?  I’ll let you be the judge…

I painted the inside with my new favorite paint product, Velvet Finshes in Ethereal. While I would have normally attacked this space with chalk paint, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well this worked. It’s a SIMPLE three step process with NO SANDING REQUIRED!


Another one of my favorite parts of the room are these stunning Hudson Valley Boca  9 1/2 inch Wall Sconces from Lamps Plus.  I love the clean and simple curve of the arm and the seeded glass orb.

Antique Art and Mirrors

In my mind, the thing that really makes this room work are all of the contrasts and opposites (old and new, masculine and feminine).  If I wanted to balance out the glam of the hot pink I knew I had to add soul.  The best way to do this is with vintage and antique art and accessories.

Most of the art I purchased at auctions in the UK or from Craigslist during our various assignments.

Fun Details

I was happy to walk into Homegoods this month and meet my new buddy Earl. I’m not certain what he’s so worried about but I kind of think he needs to lighten up a little. Why such a serious face Earl?

That wicked-cool bug?  Yep, Target baby! Figural Beetle.

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