Welcome to my second bathroom in the second week of the Bathroom Primp and Pamper Blog Hop!  This one will eventually be a killer shade of HOT PINK…No really…I’m not even joking!!! While we aren’t there yet, this week’s updates do include amazing sconces, a unique thrift store mirror, and a debate about my entire design plan.

If you missed my other entry for the week (you know, the lux/gathered/spanish-vibe one) head on over and check it out HERE!


If this is your first time here you should know that we are a military family of six. This bathroom is found in the downstairs of our 10 month rental.  Yep, 10 month.  Even more unusual, we are preparing to make our 13th move this summer.  I seriously wish I was pulling your leg, but nope…13th ???.

Come-back Kid Bathroom

Who doesn’t love to cheer for the under dog.  You know what I’m talking about…Cool Runnings…Rudy…Hoosiers…or the all time movie classic…Dodgeball.  It feels great to root for the team who has all of the odds stacked against them, right?  Well, I’m beginning to fear that I’ve set myself up for this to be the Rocky IV of all bathroom make overs.  (NOTE:  If you are too young to know any of these film references please don’t tell me ?)

So blame it on the Spring Home Tour last week, or the fact that I am tackling two bathrooms at the same time, or the reality that I actually spent quality time with my family over the weekend, but I didn’t accomplish as much as I would have hoped in this room since our last post.

Having said that, there ARE actually a couple of BIG updates to report (including a potential design plan change) and I’m betting this bathroom will be the “sleeper” who will come up from behind and surprise everyone (Positive self talk vs over-optimistic and unrealistic expectations?  ?)

This post contains sponsored product, but the opinions are 100% my own.

Stunning Sconces

One of my absolute favorite parts of this make over is this beautiful pair of Hudson Valley wall sconces From Lamps Plus.  These Boca 9 1/2″ aged brass scones make me want to happy dance all around my unfinished bathroom.  I love them so much that I actually plan to use them in both bathrooms.

Look closely at the glass.  It is seeded, but not in the traditionally casual sense.  Isn’t it lovely?


On my birthday I went thrift store shopping with two dear friends and they agreed that this $12 Uttermost mirror was a necessary purchase. So, really, it isn’t my fault.  I had to buy it ? and I’m very glad that I did.

Velvet Curtains

I purchased a set of Ikea  Sanela Curtains and have big plans to iron, trim in pink, and rehang them by the big reveal.

Art Debate

This is my current art choice, but I honestly feel that this design plan is too predictable.  It lacks soul. It doesn’t feel gathered…because, well, it isn’t.  This was a TJ Maxx purchase that I really do like.  I just feel like this may not be the right space for it because the hot pink will start feel too sugary and buble gummy.

I’m considering shifting direction, returning this art, and buying a traditional oil painting I saw at the thrift store this weekend.  I feel like this new art choice would be an unexpected mash up of modern/feminine hot pink with a traditional/masculine hunter scene??.

Antique Wardrobe?

If I go with the hunter scene I can paint this antique (hunter green? navy blue?) and strip the handles down to the brass. Honestly, it is already in the room because it provides fantastic storage and it the perfect size for the space.  If I opt to go with the more modern art I will likely replace the wardrobe with something else.


The rug I had picked out last week isn’t avaliable until after the blog hop ends.  Luckily, I did find another option, the Chroma Iris Fading Oriental Medallion Rug from RugsUSA, that would be lovely with my new revised design plan.

All Together Now

So what do you think?  Stick with glam or go eclectic-glam.  I think I’ve already made up my mind, but I would love to hear your thoughts!

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To Do List:

  1. Hang Mirror
  2. Hang sconces
  3. Hang Wallpaper
  4. Buy new art
  5. Get new rug
  6. Paint wardrobe
  7. Sew Curtains

Ok, now hop on over to Monica’s breath taking Bathroom (Monica Wants It). She has style for miles and I can’t wait to see what she has scheming this week.

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