Calling all renters and commitment-phobes ???‍♂️.   Yeah, you see me looking at you!  I just want to say that I feel your pain.  I really, truly, sincerely do.  I know what it’s like to WANT to make dramatic changes to your home, even if it isn’t really YOUR home (or if you are afraid that you will hate said chances in 6 months).  This post is made ESPECIALLY for you. So pin a rose on your nose and see how I have made removable “lacquered” walls in this entertaining space of our 10 month rental. As an added bonus: all answers will be disseminated in a game show format?…I know, I shouldn’t have ?

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Photo cred: Amy Greene (IG: @Contactamygreenephotography) ?

What is the ORC?

I want to start out with a huge thank you to Linda, from Calling it Home, for organizing this…THE MONSTER TRUCK EXPEDITION of all link-ups…THE… SPRING… ONE ROOM CHALLENGE???!  (said in my best echoing “big voice”) Yassssss!

Never heard of it?  Well, my friends, then you have never lived! This is a 6 week competition between 20 “Challenge Participants” and hundreds of other “Guest Participants” (like me).  All of us have the goal of transforming our spaces with only a month and a half to get it done (how is it already WEEK 2???!!!).  As an added bonus there are two great media sponsors for this event, House Beautiful and Old Home Love, who will be picking their favorites to showcase.  It’s all so…what’s the word…CRAZY?MASOCHISTIC?…EXCITING!

Thanks for Stopping By

If you are new around these parts then let me give you a virtual hug and high five ✋.  I’m pumped you stopped by to check out the CRAY-CRAY that we call normal life.  You see, we are a military family of 6 and we move A LOT!  Yep, this is our 12th home and it’s only a 10 month rental.  With all of these HARD KNOCKS experience I have learned how to set-up a beautiful, bold, colorful, and collected home in a very short time frame and on a limited budget.  So I guess the ORC is right up my alley?!?  This will be my second time on the ORC roller coaster and I thrive on the adventure (and the excuse not to do my laundry for 6 weeks ?).


The Vision

Note: some products in this post are sponsored but the opinions are 100 percent my own.

Here’s the deal.  I want my place to look chic…I mean- like crazy high-end…but I want to accomplish this look for peanuts…oh, and I want to be able to take it all down in less than an hour when it is time to move.  Is that too much to ask???  Clearly, I’m a sane and rational individual.


Here’s an inspiration pic for your viewing pleasure…

Source unknown- Please let me know if you have this info

What did you notice about the walls? in that gorgeous pic?  That’s right!  Lacquer!  Ain’t it perdy?  Don’t get your hopes up though.  I did a little research and truly lacquered walls may be sexy, but they are not easy to obtain.  Everything I read said to expect several days’ worth of working with toxic chemicals…ummm, no thanks. Also, I will not have time to repaint when the moving trucks roll up, so I needed a solution that was completely removable and that wouldn’t damage my rental.  Finally, I didn’t want to spend more than $100.  So that’s when I had to get creative.

So, while my new walls may not be “technically” lacquered, they are high gloss and that suits me mighty fine…



Dramatic pause… and…

After- for now


Note: The top half of the wall is currently white because I have some killer wallpaper coming from (Available this weekend).  It’s totally going to make this space ROCK!  Until then, I’m going to teach you the ways of the removable “lacquer” walls.

Being the competitive, former-track coach that I am, I have naturally chosen a game show format to disseminate truth because, well, its more fun that way… and…well… I get to make the rules around here?‍♀️.

Game Show Time

AKA- How I did it

COME ON DOWN!  You are the next contestant on THE Jeweled Interiors Blog Game Show ? !  The thrilling new competition where the stakes are low and the prizes are non-existent.

Question #1: The Trim

For $100 (x 0)– What products did I use to make this removable, glossy, and inexpensive trim?

Here’s a hint- (You’re welcome)


Ding Ding Ding ?!!!!!  If you guessed that I used shiplap and flipped it over backwards then you are today’s lucky winner!  For those of you who haven’t ever purchased trim, it can be quite expensive. It is priced by the linear square foot…like $6 per lsf…Gulp.

To paint it this fresh shade of blue I simply used a foam brush and applied nice, smooth, even coats of high gloss paint in multiple thin layers.

Question #2: The Walls

Ok, so MAYBE you guessed the last one, but I’m going to be pretty darn impressed if you answer number 2 correctly .

 For $200 (x 0)- What removable products did I use for those shiny blue walls?…… cue Jeopardy music….

Did you get it?  Eucaboard!  Whatever that is, right?  All I know is that it is in the lumber section of any big box hardware store. Yep, I picked up three pieces of these for around $10 a board and cut it (poorly) with my jigsaw.  Luckily the cut job didn’t need to be perfect since the top was trimmed with the answer to number 1 (shiplap…you hear me talkin’).

Thi pic? was taken after the first coat.  See how I applied the paint in a very thin layer.  Truthfully, my paint didn’t adhere quite as well as I would have liked.  I would recommend asking your local paint specialist for their advice on which primer to do with if this is a long term solution for you.

Question #3: ?This Large Walll

Ok, on to the final round…

For $300 (x 0)– Tell me the paintable and removable product I used to cover the large wall?and the shelf area of my half wall ledge. Hint…If you look closely at the last shot you can see that I haven’t quite finished it yet.  The product in question had to dry before I could trim it…Did that give it away?

If you guessed water-activated paintable/removable wallpaper that I keep finding buried in random locations at all of the local Home Depots in my area then you are the all-time BLOG CONTESTANT WINNER. Please write in the comments section so that we can all lavish you with praise.  I hereby crown ? you with fame, fortune, and fabulous walls.

Let’s Review the Plan


Add furniture and rugs to the space. Not yet…the zebra rug was just temporary

Buy and cut lumber

Buy and paint HIGH GLOSS paint (probably blue…Though purple has crossed my mind)

Add molding to the lower wall

Wallpaper upper wall with the tiger wallpaper (Spoonflower)

Upholster striped chairs (Spoonflower)

Sew fringe on sofa (Fringe Market)

Upholster 80’s bench (Spoonflower)

Decide upon, order, and hang chandelier (Lamps Plus)

Style it with pillows etc (Roostery)


Wallpaper ceiling (Spoonflower)

Wallpaper entryway (Spoonflower)

Build built-in shelves

Upholster sofa in velvet

Paint dining room shell-chairs

Paint masterpieces

Sleep and good personal hygiene- let’s be honest…That’s not happening

Thank you so very much for joining me on the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge- Week 2  If you like what you see here don’t forget to come back and poke around a bit after visiting the challenge and guest participants.  Oh, and following me is fun too ?. Don’t forget to come back each week as I show you how to use a limited budget to transform a rental into an unforgettable space.


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