I love it when a plan comes together (anyone reading this old enough to get that reference to the 80’s TV show called the A-Team…ummm…yeah…me neither ?)?  Regardless of your age, and your experience with the 80’s, I think you can agree that there is so much satisfaction with developing a plan. In this case my “plan” is actually a design board for the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge- Week 1.  Check out how I’m teaming up with some incredible sponsors to turn an uber-boring rectangular box-of-a-room into a daring, bold, and colorful entertaining space….with yep…you guessed it…maybe a few 80’s (and Art Deco) influences.

What is the ORC?

I want to start out with a huge thank you to Linda, from Calling it Home, for organizing this…the Super Bowl of all blogging events…the grand-daddy of all link-ups…THE SPRING ONE ROOM CHALLENGE???!  Woot Woot!

If you are new to the ORC then you need to know that this is a 6 week competition between 20 “Challenge Participants” and hundreds of other “Guest Participants” (like me).  All of us have the goal of transforming our spaces with only a month and a half to get it done. Sounds like plenty of time, right?  Phfff…I promise, it’s not! As an added bonus there are two great media sponsors for this event, House Beautiful and Old Home Love, who will be picking their favorites to showcase.  It’s all so…what’s the word…CRAZY?MASOCHISTIC?…EXCITING!

It’s So Nice To Meet You

Please allow myself to introduce…myself (bonus points to anyone who gets THAT movie reference).

We are a military family of 6 and we move A LOT!  Yep, this is our 12th home and it’s only a 10 month rental. Seriously…That’s not a late April fools joke!  With all of this torture experience I have learned how to set-up a beautiful, bold, colorful, and collected home in very short time frame on a limited budget.  So I guess the ORC is right up my alley?!?  This will be my second go at it and I’m already struggling to sleep at night because I’m so thrilled.

My room completed in the Fall 2017 ORC

Before Pics

Speaking of the 10 month rental, let’s give you the run down.


This pic is pretty horrible.  I know.  The good news is that the owner (not us) totally updated and doubled this now transformed home.  While I can’t take any credit for these two images, I wanted to add them for inspiration for us all.


This is the picture of the room taken just before we moved in, and I want you to notice a couple of things.  First, Look at the ledge around the room.  Interesting, isn’t it?  Second, take note of the two bulkheads spanning the width of the space.  I know, less than ideal for sure.

The Vision

If you follow me you know that I harbor no fear of color.  Ummm…for example, I just redid this bathroom, which incidently sits next to this ORC space, in hot pink wallpaper…and I have been told that it actually looks good.

With that same reckless abandon I plan to design a room that “pushes the envelope” just enough to make you stop and think, “Wow, I can’t believe I actually love that.” See where I’m going here folks?

So while the rest of the world is covering their walls in shiplap I plan to lay on the color and drama.  While all of my local friends use traditional or MCM lines I plan to dip into the the treasure trove of the Art Deco and the 1980’s eras, but then tie it all up in a sophisticated, glamorous, and eclectic bow.  Reference Inspo pics?.

Source unknown- Please let me know if you have this info

All Kelly Wearstler fans out there probably recognize her work in the last two pics.  I will be channeling me some Kelly W. but mix in some traditional elements.

The Plan

Ahhhh color…Such an important element of any room.  I know this is a spring competition, but I didn’t want to go all out bright and springy.  I wanted to keep this room chic and a little cave-like.  I may let a few drops of sugary, sappy pastels in the room here and there, but I am mostly going bold and strong.  I look horrible in pastels anyway ?.

Color Board

Design Board

Can you see where I’m going here? Are you pickin’ up what I’m laying down? Not quite sure yet?  Give me 6 weeks to explain :). Somethings old, somethings new, somethings purple, somethings blue…I’m pumped for this mash-up of elements.

Why my sponsors ROCK!

Spoonflower–  If you haven’t ever heard of this company then I’m so excited to introduce you.  I LOVE their business model for so many reasons. First, surface design artists create patterns and upload them to the spoonflower site for sell to the public (good for the artist).  Then, people like me and you can spend hours trying to exhaust all of the AMAZING possible options (this is my kind of stress relief).  Once we have made up our minds we select the way we want to use it.  Our favorite pattern could be printed on fabric to sew a shirt, wallpaper to hang on our walls, velvet to upholster our sofas, and SOOO MUCH MORE (great for the consumer)!  Don’t you adore this idea! It allows us, the consumer, access to a wealth of talented artists’ creations.

I am so over-the-moon thrilled to be teaming up with Ashley Peterson (IG: 2birdstone) and Spoonflower to develop a fabric line to match this vibe.  Samples come in tomorrow and I will be sharing them with you next week and in my Instagram stories

Roostery– This company works in conjunction with Spoonflower to make the product even more accessible to the consumer.  Instead of buying just raw fabric, Roostery gives you the option to buy pre-made goods.  So what I’m saying here is that you can have totally unique bedding, curtains, napkins, etc made just for you and all you without the need for your sewing machine!  Isn’t that THE COOLEST!?!

Lamps Plus– This company ROCKS.  Here’s the deal…Not only do they have an amazing selection of lighting in every style imaginable, they sell other home decor products too.  I have received a couple of different sconces from them lately and I just adore them.

Fringe Market–  I have to admit something to you.  I have this thing with fringe. It adds instant texture and sophistication to almost anything.  I spent many unsuccessful hours trying to find fringe off of Amazon, eBay, and all the other regular places. You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this company (with one of the most gorgeous websites I’ve ever seen BTW) and realized their selection is incredible! I can’t wait to add it to my new craigslist sofa.  It’s going to look like a million bucks!


Add rugs and furniture to the space

Buy and cut lumber

Buy and paint HIGH GLOSS paint (probably blue…Though purple has crossed my mind)

Add molding to the lower wall

Wallpaper upper wall with the tiger wallpaper (Spoonflower)

Upholster striped chairs (Spoonflower)

Sew Fringe on sofa (Fringe Market)

Upholster 80’s bench (Spoonflower)

Decide upon, order, and hang chandelier (Lamps Plus)

Style it with pillows etc (Roostery)



Wallpaper ceiling (Spoonflower)

Wallpaper entryway (Spoonflower)

Build built-in shelves

Upholster sofa in velvet

Paint dining room shell-chairs

Sleep and good personal hygiene- let’s be honest…That’s not happening




Thank you so very much for joining me on the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge- Week 1.  If you like what you see here don’t forget come back and poke around a bit after the link up.  Oh, and following me is fun too ?. Don’t forget to come back each week as I show you how to use a limited budget to transform a rental into an unforgettable space.


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