Updates for the Bathroom Primp and Pamper: Bathroom toilet, sink, tile, and plumbing


Ohhhh!  We are getting so close to finishing up this bathroom!  Let me show you the awesome bathroom toilet, sink, and accessories that we are about to install in this space….It is all so stupendous!!!

Note: The products listed are sponsored.  I love working with fabulous companies and their quality products to bring you unique and beautiful rooms. The opinions are all my own.

At the bottom of the post you will find all product sources and links to the other talented participants in the Bathroom Primp and Pamper.

Bathroom Primp and Pamper

This is a four week event, with updates happening every Wednesday until the big Reveal on September 12th!  Don’t forget to check back next week for the grand finale.

Week 1- The plan and before shots | Aug 29- Progress- You are here | Sept 5- Progress | Sept 12- Big Reveal

The Plan

dramatic bathroom, yellow and green bathroom, dramatic half bath, dramatic powder room

Bathroom Sink

If you have been watching my Instagram stories you may have seen hints about the sexiest sink EVER!   May I introduce you to the base of  the 34″ Burleson Porcelain Console Sink with Brass Stand Black/Polished Brass from Signature Hardware.  It is going to take this bathroom to the next level.

Tomorrow the contractor, P&N Decorating, is coming to install this lovely lady and I seriously can’t wait.  Until then, I propped her up on my newly tiled (and still drying) floors.

before pics, burleson console sink, black and brass sink, porcelain sink, signature hardware

Luckily, Signature hardware had stunning  plumbing hardware to complete the look.  That PVC is about to be replaced by  Brass Plumbing.  The stylish look will be high end and dramatic.  Just like I had hoped.

brass faucet, black marble tile, brass trapping, brass plumbing

I’m also so very excited about this Signature Hardware Hewitt 1.2 GNP Single Hole Brass Bathroom Faucet with Pop up Drain assembly that I picked out from Build.com.  Build.com and Signature Hardware are sister companies, those giving consumers even more options.

Signature Hardware

Shopping at Signature Hardware was a great experience.  I was so surprised to see so many high-end looks at reasonable prices.  Not only is their selection great, I found their customer service to be very helpful.  I wouldn’t have found this brass trap on my own, and am thankful for their help.  In addition, I was pleased to see how fast their products arrived…and I didn’t even have to leave my house!  Love that!  I would definitely recommend them. 

Bathroom Toilet

Is that a bathroom toilet in your dining room Jewel?

build.com, toilet, miseno toilet, stylish toilet, white toilet

 Wait!  I can explain!  No, we aren’t adding additional “seating” in our entertaining space.  Rather, I just have to wait until the grout dries before we get to install this beauty of a bathroom toilet.  I never would have guessed that I would refer to a toilet as a “beauty”, but can you blame me?  Let me tell you guys, I looked long and hard for a pretty commode.  Most of them are just…bathroom toilets.  Womp Womp.  This one, however, is a bathroom toilet with STYLE!  I love the detailing along the top and just below the seat.  It is so much better looking than anything else I have been able to find.  I think it will fit beautifully with the gorgeous wallpaper and moulding.  Don’t you?

miseno toilet lever, black toilet lever

You may notice that I swapped out the silver toilet lever for this one Miseno MTL100FB Front Mounted Square Modern Tank Lever from Build.com.  I think it will play well against the black floors.


If you have been following me for a while, you may remember that I got my dining room chandelier from Build.com for the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge.  The things I loved about Build then, are the same things I love about them now.  The selection is HUGE…The largest online home improvement option out there.  Despite having so much selection, their website is surprisingly easy to navigate.  Here’s an example.  When I search for “all toilets”, there are over 1,200 results. Luckily, there are so many sub sections and filters that I was able to find what I wanted really quickly.

Also, I find their customer service to be outstanding.  I have a pro account and have received personal phone calls to explain the program and offer assistance in my sourcing.  They have experts on hand to answer specific and technical questions.  What a treasure!


Dramatic Half Bath To Do List:

Install sink/faucet (P&N Decorating)

Install toilet (P&N Decorating)

Install moulding (Me)

Paint (Me)

You can follow the progress and updates on my Instagram Stories.

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