Entryway Makeover REVEAL (including lighting, ceiling medallions, moulding, art, wallpaper, paint, stair, runners).

I can’t believe that this is OUR house!  Our new entryway feels oh so FANCY!  Can I just say, however, that who ever organized this blog hop didn’t give nearly enough weeks to accomplish a room make over…oh wait that’s me.  A complete two story make over in three week?  That’s just plain crazy and I don’t know what in the world I was thinking. While I’m glad it’s done, I’m even more excited about the results!

Note: Most of the products listed are sponsored.  I love working with fabulous companies and their quality products to bring you unique and beautiful rooms

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WEEK 1 | WEEK 2 | Malachite Table DIY



The handrails and kick plates on the stairs have been a labor of love for the last six months (off and on…but mostly off :).  Velvet Finishes paint has been very useful in the process. I will write a post about the process soon, but I used VF in Luxurious color for the railing. It’s a soft black with a cool undertone and it looks gorgeous on my railings. To seal this and the kick plates, I covered it all in with two coats of Protect.  I was worried that it wouldn’t hold the test of time, but after six months it still looks fab…except the overspray from the wall paint…I’m working on touching that up.


Something fantastic also came in the mail recently from a little Etsy shop called The French Evolution.  These brass finials were a birthday gift from my mom and they came directly from France…How rad is that?  I have to admit that on some lever my inspiration for the stairs must have come from Natasha Habermann’s ORC Entryway. The brass finial is an improvement over the little wooden hamburgers that use to rest on top of my posts.

To add texture and to minimize our ugly wood floors I added 7 inexpensive Ikea rugs and doused them in Scothguard.  We’ll see just how long they last.

See the chunky 5 inch black tassel?  I got that from Fringe Market and I have a lot more left over for another project.

Metrie Moulding

The MOST dramatic, labor intensive, and resell value-adding improvement in this space is most certainly the Metrie 1- 13/16 Panel Mould,   I mean, seriously folks!  This entryway went from a dated builder’s grade to almost French Apartment status.  Scaffolding and paint sprayers were new to us, but apparently we held our own.  It is absolutely breath taking and I can’t sing enough accolades.



The funny part about this story is that I was concerned when I picked up the  Metrie 1- 13/16 Panel Mould.  I was surprised and nervous about it’s chunkiness.  Would it be too much?  I even pulled my car over in rush-hour DC traffic to email Metrie that I wasn’t sure if I had ordered the right product.  Once I got home, however, I realized it was all going to work out beautifully.  The two story foyer could handle the heft of the  1- 13/16 width.  Most of the time in life we worry about being thin, but when it comes to moulding, tassels, and diamonds…the chunkier the better!

We still have the boxes under the wallpaper to finish, but my husband said he needs a little time to recover before tackling that project.  I suppose that’s only fair…Scaffolding PTSD could be a real thing.

If I didn’t already have a crush on Metrie Moulding from our formal living room/dining room and daughter’s rooms, then this definately sealed the deal!  It’s officially true love.



 I am thrilled to be working with Hudson Valley and Architectural Depot again.  I still can’t get over the lighting and ceiling medallion combo we put together in my daughters’ upholstered bunk bed French bedroom last month.

Did you know that the Hudson Valley Lighting Group includes other great brands like Troy and Mitzi?  I recently realized that almost every updated light fixture I own can be found on their website. Yep, I’m apparently a really big fan.

Plus, if you are in the market for ceiling medallions or other ways to add charm and personality to your home (corbels, shutters, fireplace surrounds….the list goes on and on) then Architectural Depot is just the place for you…Or at least it has been for me.  The four Architectural Depot ceiling medallions I’ve installed are all so pretty.

Check out the dramatic changes.




What did I tell you?  It’s good, right? I’m kind of dying over this Ashleigh Chandelier from Mitzi paired with the Versailles Ceiling Medallion from Architectural Depot.  I love me some “old” mixed with “new”.  It’s kind of my jam and I’m floored by this combo!  You may have noticed, but I seem to be crushing on large, white, bulbous chandeliers in this new home. Let me tell you though, there is something special about the Ashleigh Chandelier.  The bulbs have just the right amount of “frosting” to give it an almost magical and etherial look.  Plus, the brass is just such a pretty pop against my freshly painted white walls.  One thing to consider: the scale of this piece is probably better suited for a dining room table, vs entryway lighting.  Can you picture it with the Versailles Ceiling Medallion over your dining table? Because I sure can imagine it over mine.




While this pairing may be more petite, it also packs a big punch, stylistically. I love the way the white Stella semi flush pops against the freshly painted black  Apollo Ceiling Medallion from Architectural Depot.  See, more bulbous lighting…I’m kind of obsessed.

But to prove to you that I’m not a one trick pony, I would like to introduce you to the Hudson Valley fixture that I have installed at the top of the stairs…by “I” I actually mean my husband, who has proven to be an amazingly handy fellow this week.




If you are in the market for something affordable, beautiful, and timeless then the Rye Flush Mount could be right up your alley.  Since it sits at the top of the stairs, I knew this fixture would be in the same vignette as the Ashleigh.   Whatever I picked shouldn’t compete with the drama of the Ashleigh + Versailles combo. In my search for  something classic and understated, I (with the help from my friend Jess from Domicile37) found the Rye Flush Mount.


 This was my first time working with Minted and I’m so glad for this opportunity because I love each of the pieces of art I have received.  I love companies that give artists a chance to sell their designs to the general public.  Minted does just that.  In fact, my friend Ashley Peterson who helped with my my terrazo-sofa maximalist ORC room also has a print on Minted. So this concept is very real to me.

Human One: Anton print by Minted

The Layers Beneath Art Print by Minted.com

She’s Blooming from Minted


I wanted to create a little moment in this awkward pass through space and this Simplemente Puntos  wallpaper from Milton and King fit the bill.  This is the same company who sells my outrageously gorgeous dining room wallpaper, and you may be surprised that I didn’t pick something more “over the top”.  I have a few great reasons why, and I’ll be writing a blog post explaining my choice.



Door Handle

The one thing that didn’t quite make the big reveal were the door handles.  They were suppose to arrive on Tuesday but got stuck in FedEx Purgatory.  I think they should arrive today and I will update a picture  and write a post reviewing the project soon.  So far my experience with Grandeur Hardware  has been completely lovely.

Malachite Table

Not bad for an old Ikea dresser, eh? Click HERE to see how I hacked this boring piece of furniture into its present day green goddess state. 

PHEW!  Can you believe we did that all in three weeks… (well, all but paint the stairs).  If you need me, I’ll be taking a nap in my entryway…Now one of my favorite rooms in the house.

What will be our next room, you ask?  Hold on tight…here comes the Master bedroom!!!

Source List

1. Versailles Ceiling Medallion from Architectural Depot

2. Apollo Ceiling Medallion from Architectural Depot

3.  Rye Flush Mount from Hudson Valley Lighting

4. Ashleigh Chandelier from Mitzi

5.  Stella From Mitzi

6. Human One: Anton from Minted

7. The Layers Beneath from Minted

8. Simple Ink Series 4 from Minted

9. She’s Blooming from Minted

10. Simplemente Puntos Wallpaper from Milton and King

11. Malachite Table DIY- paper

12. Metrie 1- 13/16 Panel Mould

13. Grandeur Hardware Entrance and Passageway Handles

14. Luxurious and Minimalistic Paint from Velvet Finishes

The To Do List

Feels good to cross some of these items off my list BTW:

Paint the stairs in Luxurious and Minimalistic Paint from Velvet Finishes

Hang Metrie 1- 13/16 Panel Mould

Hang  Simplemente Puntos Wallpaper from Milton and King

Paint two story ceiling and walls ?

 Install Ceiling Medallion | Apollo Ceiling Medallion

Hang  Ashleigh ChandelierRye Flush Mount |  Stella

Hang Human One: Anton The Layers Beneath | Simple Ink Series 4 | She’s Blooming from Minted

DIY a Malachite Table

DIY rug runner?

Remove Stair Finials and replace with an Antique Brass pair being shipped from France! I bought it from TheFrenchEvolution on Etsy

My curtains are back-ordered so I’m went with my back up for now.

We may or may not get our floors refinished next week- Nope

Ok, enough about me…Go check out these other SUPER talented bloggers. I have loved following their progress and can’t wait to see their BIG REVEALS!!!!

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