Jewel Marlowe- Fall 2019 One Room Challenge Week 5 | Kitchen Updates, New Marble Tile, Oven Range, Countertops, Hardware, Fabric, Cabinets,  Burl Accents, and new Table

Thanks so much for stopping by to see the kitchen updates for the 2019 Fall ORC week 5 updates.  Feeling behind on the progress?  No worries!  You can catch up here.

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What is the ORC?

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Thanks so much for joining me on this crazy journey that we call  the  ONE ROOM CHALLENGE???!  This five week event features 20 “Challenge Participants” (see direct links below) and hundreds of other “Guest Participants.”   All of us have the goal of transforming our spaces with only five weeks to get it done.  As an added bonus, Better Homes and Gardens is back for another season as the media sponsor for this event.
Note: all products in this post are sponsored but the opinions are 100 percent my own.

Kitchen Updates

Ahhh my kitchen…the heart of the home…right?  Well, without it we have gained a great appreciation for things like ovens, and silverware, and non processed foods.  Yet, like any family who has ever survived a kitchen update renovation, we are making it.  The pain is temporary and the marble floors are forever.

Some people might find it amazing that we plan to totally revamp a kitchen over the course of two weeks.  As I type this I realize that that truly is a lofty goal.  If all goes exactly according to plan we should finish up JUST in time…gulp.

The good news? We have already come a really long way!

More good news? I  have a lot of talented professionals and quality products here to support me in the effort.  Let me give you the low down on how this plan might just work out….If we are really, really lucky.

parma blue walls with Metrie Moulding, upholstered banquette, marble floors with a black pinstripe, and waterfall coffee table with Original BTC lighting fixture


Marble Floors

I have a thing for marble…I really do.  As it turns out, I’m not the only one.  That’s right, my husband insisted that our kitchen floors be marble.  He reasoned that if we were going to go to the expense and effort of installing floors, they might as well be done right.  So what do you know, the man who normally has zero opinions about the design choices I make, actually had a very strong opinion.  Marble or nothing!

 Enter The Tile Shop to the rescue.  That’s right, we live 15 minutes from our local location and I’ve lost track of the trips I’ve made to this eye-candy of a store over the last few months…walking slowly and dreamily down their isles.  Then one day inspiration struck!

The Tile Shop San Dona marble floors with black pinstripe and Parma grey walls

There is quit a bit of floor space in this kitchen/eat in area.  I feared that a  pattern would feel overwhelming.  Instead, I knew the floors needed to be simple perfection.  What is more classic, and timeless than a black border on white marble?

The Tile Shop San Dona marble floors with black pinstripe and Parma grey walls

The results are bright floors, with a touch of timeless personality.

The Tile Shop San Dona marble floors with black pinstripe and Parma grey walls for kitchen updates

Truthfully, the grout was still drying as we quickly snapped these pics.  I will have many more inspiration images coming soon, but the look was created by using 12 x 24 in San Dona tile.  The San Dona line is so pretty!  There is a subtle tonal difference from piece to piece and if you look closely you can see small crystaline flecks.

Jewel Marlowe designs a Robin Sprong mural paired with Stroheim wool sofa and parma gray walls

Many of you on Instagram have asked how I created this black border.  Our very talented contractor, Richard, first laid black Dural matte square edge 11/31 in as a border around the entire room and at the transitions. Then he installed glorious San Dona Marble inside and outside of the black border. He finished it off with standard white unsanded grout. The effect is so pretty!!!!

The Tile Shop San Dona marble floors with black pinstripe and Parma grey walls for kitchen updates

We opted to go with the honed vs polished finish for two reasons.  First, it is actually less expensive, and more budget friendly.  Second, it will show less scratches…because #dogs and #kids.  I wondered if I would regret this choice, but seeing installed, I am so very happy.

Bertazzoni Master Series Range

Bertazzoni Master series 30 in gas range in matte black

Why did I go with this Bertazzoni  30 in all gas 5 burner Master Series Range?  Well, I’m glad you asked!

First of all, Italians just do it better. Am I right?  Picture shoes, fashion, gelato…(kidding, not kidding about the gelato).  Italians are long renowned for their sense of style. Bertazzoni is no exception.  In fact, the Bertazzoni family founded the business in 1882 (not a typo). Since then, the company has evolved into world-wide innovative leaders in the kitchen appliance business.

When I saw the  30 in all gas 5 burner Master Series Range I was smitten.  I mean, look at that those handles! Check out the knobs and handles!  Can we pause to appreciate the matte black finish!  Wowzers!

Another reason I picked  Bertazzoni is because of the quality.  During the unboxing I was pleased with the attention to detail and weight of each of the components.  It’s extremely solid and it took two people to push it across the garage floor.

Finally, we are a military family and never really know how long we get to stay in a home.  Since this is a nice neighborhood, a high quality range is just what we need for potential resell and re-rental value.

Now that the grout in the floor is almost dry, we should be able to install the range today!!!

Cambria Countertops

I am so excited about the Cambria countertops that are about to be installed in our new kitchen.

Jewel Marlowe designs a Robin Sprong mural paired with Stroheim wool sofa and parma gray walls and Tara Mitzi sconces

There are three reasons why I went with Cambria.  First, it is maintenance free and naturally stain resistant.  It doesn’t require restaining or repolishing.

Another reason is that it is stronger than marble countertops, so I was able to order a longer overhang without adding support.

Also, Cambria is nonporous and nonabsorbent so it won’t draw in moisture from raw or leftover food, which can harbor harmful bacteria.

Bentley Cambria slab for Jeweled Interiors kitchen updates

The most important reason is that I walked into Reico kitchen and bath and saw the Bentley Slab and immediatley fell in love with it.  It is certain to be a statement maker in the room.  I love a great statement maker.

Hardware for Kitchen Updates

Hardware is the jewelry to a room and I am so excited to be installing Schaub satin brass Fonce T-knobs and pulls as part of our kitchen updates.  These knobs are HEAVY and clearly well constructed.  I expect that they will last the test of time beautifully.

handy paint tray used for wallpaper paste and paint

While I went with something simple and classic on the cabinets, I am opting for something special and unique on our pantry doors…I can’t even believe how freakin’ rad these are!  I’m really looking forward to painting the door and getting these pretty swan handles on there.

handy paint tray used for wallpaper paste and paint

Schaub has a HUGE selection of knobs and pulls in a large variety of colors and styles.  If you are in the market for kitchen updates, this is definitely a great starting point.

Door Handles

Our Door handles were due for an upgrade.  Big time!

I’ve seen other bloggers use Emtek before and I’ve been intrigued.  I was especially interested in their unlacquared brass options.  I ordered two different types of knobs and they are absolutely lovely.

The first one is the Quincy Lockset with an Egg knob handle.   It is dramatic and sublime.

Egg knob Emtek handle in unlacquered brass, robin Sprong mural, parma gray paint, Tyrell chandelier, LIFECORE freshaire floors
handy paint tray used for wallpaper paste and paint

The second handle will be installed on the door to our laundry room.  It has a lovely ebony knob.

unlacqured prass Emtek hardware with ebony knob

Since these lovelies are unlacqured brass, they will age beautifully with time.  If you are not someone who loves patina, you may be more interested in one of Emtek’s other warm toned finishes. It is so nice to have options.


Laura Gunn art for Jewel Marlowe's fall 2019 One Room Challenge Space, Rothko art

These are my old cabinets.  I can’t wait to show you what we are doing to them


I am excited to receive two beautiful sheets of burled wood from Burled Co.  After we install the countertops I am going to assess where I can add these to the space.  I’m hoping the front of the island and a half wall in the living room.

Spoonflower Curtains for Jewel Marlowe's fall 2019 One Room Challenge Space
Graphic minted art and a milo baughman chair, blue walls

I found the Burl Co on Instagram and have been stalking their feed for a year.  The products they produce blow my mind!  They are definetly worth a follow!


Dining Table

Since we extended the island, we needed to get a smaller dining table.  I saw this beautiful black and gold oval table on Overstock and immediately loved it.  I think that it will be nice to add a wood element to the space and the dark color will tone down the blue walls.  While it hasn’t arrived just yet, I am really looking forward to it’s unboxing. Btw…I noticed that it is on sale right now.

The Plan

 Thanks to Richard from P&N Decorating for his hardworking installing most everything but cabinets in the space so far.  We hope to finish the kitchen updates no later than Monday night.  The living room and eat in should be done and photographable by Friday.  Gulp…it is going to be a crazy week!

N-Hance of Mid Potomac has taken my drawer and cabinet fronts to refinish them with their special UV system. They also plan to install the knobs from  Schaub… More on all things kitchen next week.




-Hang Tart Lumber Moulding (Crown Mould | Architrave | Casing | Panel Mould |  Baseboards | Chair Mould )- Me

-Paint walls, trim, and ceiling with Behr Paint– Me

-Install door hardware from Emtek– The Hubs

-Choose art from Minted: 

Hard and Soft by Kristen Arley | Untitled 1 and 1 b by Jamie Derringer | Playful Art Print by Bethania Lima




Living Room


-Install , Fresh Aire Lifecore flooring. – (Richard from P&N Decorating)

Hang Tyrell Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting- (Richard)

-Hang mural from Sarza StoreRobin Sprong Wallpaper– Me

-Commission art from Laura Gunn for above the fireplace- Laura

-Install door hardware from Emtek

-Install Hudson Valley sconces from Lamps Plus (Richard)

Decide on Spoonflower fabric for Curtains | Napkins

-Reupholster sofa in Arley Wool Blend from Stroheim Fabric into the wool sofa of my dreams with help from Maureen Loy

Pick a color for accent chairs and reupholster- Me

Choose custom color for Jill Rosenwald bowl

Sew Curtains

Sew Pillows

Style with Pillow from SWD Studio


Eat in/ Kitchen Updates

-Expand island with Reico kitchen and Bath cabinet

– Build banquette – (Richard from P&N Decorating) and upholster- Me

-Custom build Hood vent with vent from Reico kitchen and Bath– (Richard from P&N Decorating)

–Move and Install Pembridge Pendant from Original BTC Lighting -(Richard from P&N Decorating)

-Replace oven with Bertazzoni Master’s Series Range– (Richard from P&N Decorating)

-Replace floor with  San Dona Marble tile from The Tile Shop- (Richard from P&N Decorating)

-Install Tart Lumber trim onto cabinets- (N-Hance of Mid Potomac)

-Install Elkay sink and faucet-(Richard from P&N Decorating)

-Enclose refrigerator (Richard from P&N Decorating)

-Paint kitchen cabinets (N’Hance of Mid Potomac)

-Replace cabinet hardware from Schaub-(N’Hance of Mid Potomac)

-Install backsplash from The Burled Co (Richard from P&N Decorating)

– Move and install lighting from Broomley Pendents from Corbett Lighting  (Richard from P&N Decorating)

-Style with Kirkland’s accessories– Me

-Install Cambria countertops

-Upholster barstools with Milton and King Candy Stripe Fabric– Me

-Hang art from Kaitlin Gray Art, Mioneplant, Brittany Smith, Laura Gunn – Me

-beautify space with Overstock items

-Photograph/edit/write big reveal- Me



Ok, Now that you know my week 5 updates, bop on down below to check out all of the other participants’ plans.  I can’t wait to see what they are up to!

Wait! Don’t stop there my friends…I always find fabulous inspiration with the Guest Participants as well!


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